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About Roka Designs

Have you ever found yourself in town or anywhere, it starts raining and you fear that your important belongings will get wet and spoiled? Every day when my partner and I (who are childhood friends) went to school and it rained, our books and belongings would get wet. Up until 2019, we faced the same challenge.

However, early in the year of 2020, while sharing a cup of coffee in a restaurant we discovered that billboards and banners after being used lacked a proper way of disposal and could very well serve as good materials for making bags that are waterproof and trendy since each billboard comes with its own design.

Because of that, we started making trendy eco-friendly and waterproof bags from recycled billboards and banners, and that was how ROKA Designs was born. Ever since then, people who use our bags do not fear for their belongings when it rains.  Furthermore, we keep on saving the environment from plastic waste pollution.

Our Mission

Change the story of Fashion in Kenya & East Africa by creating Trendy, Stylish & Waterproof Bags from redundant banners & billboards

Our Vision

Save the environment from redundant billboards & banners while empowering the Youth & community at large by creating job opportunities one bag at a time.

Creative Challenge

Our Project

Our project involved launching an eco-friendly waterproof camera bag with a fashion show event and panel discussion. We decided to create camera bags after we Conducted an FDG workshop with 20 designers and photographers on challenges and opportunities in their field. Watch the whole workshop with all insights and findings here.

We began the design and production of 20 Roka eco-friendly waterproof bags. After which we launched a social media remarketing campaign to target Mombasa Camera users with the help of short documentaries.

We then Launched the eco-friendly waterproof camera bags with a fashion show event and panel discussion on Fashion and Technology in the new circular economy.

The success of the project will be to create stylish, affordable and waterproof camera bags for the photographers to enable them do more to make an impact in the community as they will continue to use their technology to enhance productivity and also reduce the negative effects of the covid-19 pandemic.

View more of our bags and get to know the prices here.

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