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The StartUp Chronicle

The Startup Chronicle is a Bi-Weekly Round-Up of Startup News, Events & Opportunities.

Round up of the Year's Activities

Metta 2020 Year Book

Here’s a brief recap of our year, with most, if not all that we’ve been up to over the course of 2020, along with a message from our general manager. From events, webinars, programs, podcasts and more.

Inhouse Report

The Investor Townhall

Mettā Nairobi organized an investment town hall discussion with the goal of
understanding the relationship and challenges that exist between startups and
investors. The conversation was wide-ranging covering the investor-investee
relationship and the ecosystem maturity.

Silicon Savannah

Discovery mission of the Kenyan startup ecosystem

Mettā Nairobi was featured in a report by and Close the Gap on Igniting Partnerships in the Silicon Savannah. Its focus was to highlight some of the actors of development based in the Silicon Savannah that are creating and facilitating an eco-system for all startups, entrepreneurs, and innovators.

The report was released after an eco-system tour by Belgium’s Deputy Prime Minister Alexander De Croo.