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About Purple Cow

Founded in 2018, Purple Cow Productions is an independent production company
based in Kenya. Our company focuses on the production of impactful feature documentaries, fiction films, and animations. Cheche Docs has a collective ethos, with the team collaborating on producing and editing each other’s work as well as supporting a wide group of associated filmmakers.


Margaret Wacera Wacera is a director, producer and multi-media journalist with a Bachelor of Arts in Theater and Film from Kenyatta University in Nairobi, Kenya. As a committed advocate for progressive social change she has extensive experience creating cooperatively produced and subject-generated films exploring the intersections of institutional power, civil and human rights and acculturation.

Purple cow is dedicated to producing a diverse range of quality documentaries for today’s marketplace and to collaborating with like-minded international and domestic partners to bring great and poignant stories to the screen.

Purple Cow Productions was conceived as a meeting point between art and social constructivism aimed at an in-depth and informative resource, which are a perfect platform to create dialogue.

Creative Challenge

Our Project

Our Project (Predominantly Black) is a documentary tracking the tribulations and triumphs of people living life with Vitiligo in Kenya. As they seek to break the myths and misconceptions associated with it in the African society.

We started working on this inspiring and informative film in 2016 and the stories given always resonate reminding us of what it means to be human. We celebrate the resilience and vibrancy of people who sorely stand out from the crowd and manage to teach the world a thing or two about transforming perceived weakness into strength in the process.

Media has the power to shape how audiences view the world, but can our stories serve as a catalyst for action and discussion in the area we shoot? This among other things was our main motivation; our hope is that the documentary, when placed in front of the right audience, will serve as a catalyst for action and discussion within and between community groups, policymakers, the people affected, the people who can help resolve the issue, and the people who can fund future development.

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