Nest is a global partner for corporates, governments and entrepreneurs on their innovation journeys. Hatched in 2010, we create collaborative environments that help corporates, startups, and our investors scale and succeed. Head quartered in Hong Kong, Nest has a footprint and presence across Asia, the Middle East and Africa, and operates from its regional hubs in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Bahrain and Nairobi respectively.

Our Clients

Who We Serve

•For Corporates – Nest works with corporates to create tangible commercial outcomes.
•For Startups – Nest helps expedite the pathway to commercialization.
•For Our Investors – Nest attracts quality deal flow with de-risked investments.

How We Work

Through our interconnected platforms (Mettā, Nest Innovation and Nest Ventures), we accelerate innovation and connect leading thinkers.

Nest Innovation

We run bespoke accelerators helping clients explore sustainable innovations by working with pioneering startups and technologies. We provide startups with the tools and support to develop their businesses through tailor-made curricula, training, and mentorship.

Innovation, more than ever before, has a key role in shaping our future. And by innovation, we mean real, actionable, tangible innovation that has an impact on the way things are in the world.


This is our physical and digital entrepreneurs’ network, where we bring together founders, entrepreneurs, policy-makers, academics and investors to collaborate.

Nest Ventures

Through Nest ventures, we make strategic investments to help our best alumni grow their businesses.

Investing in early-stage technology startups and founders who are passionate about challenging the status quo and affecting positive change.

Represented in 6 Major Cities Globally

Singapore | Bangkok | Nairobi | Paris | London | New York


Make A Difference In TheInnovation Revolution

“At Nest, we empower entrepreneurs to bring transformational solutions to life”

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