Mettā + Nairobi Garage


Mettā and Nairobi Garage join forces to create Kenya’s biggest innovation community

Partnering to combine workspaces and events, offering expanded business opportunities and networks for our members


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Nairobi Garage Partnership

Connecting Communities

Mettā and Nairobi Garage have come together, utilizing each other’s skills and resources to create the largest innovation community in Kenya. Through this partnership, Nairobi Garage will be adding Mettā as one of its co-working space locations, whereas Mettā will be making its services accessible to an even larger community of entrepreneurs and innovators.

One of the catalysts of this partnership was the disruption and uncertainty that the COVID-19 pandemic created for the business community.  With the global economic outlook of the near future being unpredictable, we’ve seen growing trends such as increased demand in workspace flexibility, a desire to foster commercial relationships, and the adoption of tech to better support the changing working models for the new normal.



By providing entrepreneurs and businesses with flexible workspace arrangements in a variety of locations, access to events, corporate innovations services, and a network of other businesses and entrepreneurs, we are allowing companies to remain responsive to the market and keep their teams productive without tying up much-needed capital.

We will also be launching a new digital event series focused on thought leadership, innovation, and practical business advice. The series will range from panel discussions to networking meetups – with a unique mixture of in-person and online elements, as well as podcasts and video for deeper engagement.


Esther Mwikali

“We have always believed that “Innovation doesn’t happen in isolation”. Outstanding innovation breakthroughs occur when the right people collaborate, to spark commercialisation and scale. This partnership is a true testament to our vision, as we are taking our own advice and leading by example – the value we offer our customers and the community at large through this is greatly increasing.”

Esther Mwikali

General Manager of Mettā
Hannah Clifford

“We are confident in the resilience and capacity of Kenyan entrepreneurs to come back from this pandemic stronger than ever. We want to support them in doing just that. This merging of forces is a demonstration of our belief in the strength of both our communities. It’s of utmost importance that innovation in business continues to be a priority, and we’re here to facilitate that process for the country’s top entrepreneurs.”

Hannah Clifford

Director of Nairobi Garage.
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With the business landscape plagued by so many uncertainties in the COVID-era, Nairobi Garage and Mettā want to provide a sturdy, strong foundation for businesses in Kenya to thrive.  By combining their two trusted names, members can have the most complete support available to weather the current storm.


Catherine Warui

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