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  • Getting Your Nonprofit Funding That Works

    December 4th 2018, 8:30-10:00am
    California Tower 加州大廈

    It's the ultimate challenge for every charity out there: funding your mission to change the world. Challenging? Yes. Impossible? No. The challenges of funding a nonprofit are very real and you may often find that you might be spending more time on fundraising than actual work! Instead of living grant-by-grant, come find out what it takes to get your nonprofit funded for the long-term so you can focus on getting things done instead. 


    Nonprofit Challenges: understand the common challenges that affect most nonprofits
    Nonprofit funding dos and dont's: understand industry-focused research and advice on what works and what doesn't based on real case studies
    What am I doing wrong: an interactive activity to find out why your currently approach might not be working 


    Understand what works and what doesn't work
    Gain practical and useful insights on getting funded 


    Hasanal Zaf is the founder & president of We The People, a global movement of citizens working to take democracy online. In under a year, Hasanal has managed to lead We The People into a rapidly growing movement with significant impact and a global reach. Hasanal is also an advisor to various governments and civil society groups.

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