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About Dogme Imagery Productions

We are a company that started with the intention of providing photography and video services, specifically capturing individual-based sessions /events ranging from individual portraits, couples’ portraits, family, & pet photography, sometimes weddings. 


We have a unique way of storytelling that leans more to the documentary style of storytelling, it is mostly content-based. We hope to further our art technique through photography/videography to enhance this style.  Our humanity and its existence are rooted deeply in what we do. 


 We love using various angles/ subtopics of the aforementioned via people and objects to understand and bring out identity issues surrounding the subject, we also do it as a means to record. We believe it’s a duty to take note, to reduce any chance of a second erasure of identity.

Creative Challenge

Our Project

Our project goes by the title of HOME in reference to our country Kenya and on the fact that our sense of identity begins from our homes. We embarked on this project in January 2020 and will be ongoing for time to come, after all there is so much of Kenya left to document. 


Home aims to showcase the way of life for a Kenyan millennial through photography i.e.  From birth through to adulthood by exploring shared objects and cultural practices within Kenyan homes. Objects and practices experienced with nostalgia currently but also experienced with despair upon realizing our nostalgic times were actually times the country was going into deep debt, neo colonization and retrogressive governance.


Our project targets Kenyans born in the years 1980-1998 and its inception was triggered by constant conversations held with several of us born in the millennial era on what exactly it means being Kenyan. The conversations often left us with feelings of confusion, curiosity, lostness, displacement but equally passionate. We were also inspired by the fact that certain memories from our childhood and certain objects seemed to connect us all despite coming from different backgrounds economically, socially and politically. Moreover, we also came to the realisation that as a generation we stood out as one that might do things differently and progressively in the future given our questioning nature and a willingness to connect. 


This project was also inspired by the fact that we are the generation who grew up in the beginning times of the SAPs( structural adjustment programs) evoked by the IMF( International Monetary Fund) that had tremendous negative effect on Kenya’s economical standing .This eventually affected the quality of life of the common mwanainchi. We were also the generation born and partly raised during the beginning years of the Nyayo era, a regime with undoubtedly questionable governance that succeeded a preceding regime’s with equally sinister governance. Nyayo era eventually ended two and a half decades later, leaving the country in a most vulnerable state. Unlike preceding generations who claim to having experienced a promising Kenya especially in the post-colonial era we however have not known what it is like to live in progress or promise.


We hope that the tangibility of the project i.e. in book form gets to be a conversation starter amongst us that leads to tangible action, an opportunity we and other incoming generations can grab on and remind ourselves of the necessity of patriotism to a country’s growth and stability. Read our whole book here. HOME book

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