We are a community, and innovation hub that supports startups, entreprenuers & innovators.

Mettā Nairobi, has been the center of passionate innovators and entrepreneurs since its inception in 2015, with its members shaping the narrative of African innovation across all sectors.

We have fostered a passionate community of 500+ startups in the region and in addition to numerous political figures from African countries, has hosted a variety of international & influential figures.

We believe that by creating the right connections and enabling people to work together, we can solve some of the most critical challenges of our time and build a stronger, more sustainable future.

Our Mission: Drive Meaningful Connections

Through introductions, collaborations, and a strong community, we support you on your journey to create a better future.

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Our Facebook Group is our digital platform where our community of startups, innovators, and change-makers, congregate. The group serves as the central hub for our online community. It's where you can meet other like-minded individuals, players in the ecosystem, entrepreneurs, and others enthusiastic about the startup ecosystem. Join today and connect with other innovators, entrepreneurs, gain insights, and discover new opportunities, in a way you've never done before.

What It's All About

Our 3 Pillars

All that we do, is guided by the 3 pillars on which Metta is built upon: Meet, Learn & Build


Innovation doesn't happen in isolation, let us be your connector.
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Everyone you meet knows something you don't. At metta we embrace the sharing of ideas and knowledge.
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We believe in action and turning ideas into action and contributing towards a better future.
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“Metta is a melting pot of ideas and bright minds, always helping to cater for challenging the status quo through its connections and events. It’s helped me grow into a stronger, more knowledgeable entrepreneur”

Charlotte De Ridder (Co-Founder Yusudi )

Mettta Member
What our Clients Say


Niraj Varia (Partner Novastar Ventures)

“Spending time at Mettā allows me to hang out with great entrepreneurs trying to change the world.  I love having meetings here, hanging out for a drink in the evening and getting some laptop time in between.”

Niraj Varia (Partner Novastar Ventures)

Marketing Group

Apart from being a fantastic place to hold meetings, Mettā has been assisting me in making connections with other aligned startups and potential investors/accelerators.


Mettā Member

‘Mettā’s a great space and a great community that helps us build a great network. They’ve got a stellar line up of events that they host almost every night of the week…’

Mettā Member

Business Coach

Mettā is part of a larger collective, Nest Group.

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