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A members' club for the entrepreneurial community to connect, share knowledge and bring ideas to life.


Through introductions, collaborations and a strong community; we support you on your journey to create a better future.


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    Innovation does not happen in isolation, let us be your connector.


    Everyone you meet knows something you don’t, share your knowledge!


    We believe in action, contribute to the movement for a better future.

Guiding Principles

At Mettā we aspire to uphold values that differentiate us from other communities. We ask this not just of our members, but of ourselves.


    We are active connectors in society, with strong networks and a focus on establishing meaningful and lasting relationships.


    We are not chasing success but redefining it. We care, are self-aware, and are working towards a greater good.


    Intent on building a better future, we don’t piggy-back but pioneer. We are unafraid to stand up for what we believe in and galvanize others to do the same.


    Globally ambitious and passionately curious, we embrace a diversity of backgrounds and interests across our content and community.


    When it comes to solving the world’s toughest challenges, we believe in the power of collective intelligence and collaborative action.


We are focusing on bridging high-potential ecosystems across Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

  • Nairobi

    6/F Belgravia Suite 6A, 14 Riverside, Nairobi, Kenya

    8:30am - 8:00pm Monday - Friday

        • Main atrium space with communal table seating and lounge areas
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        • Separate library space for quiet work
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        • Two conference rooms accommodating 4-8 people
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  • Alice Schütt

    General Manager

    Alice has been supporting entrepreneurs since early 2013, after a career in restaurant- and event management.

    Her startup journey started in January 2013 when she became Marketing Manager for a fintech startup, after which she moved on to be Director of TiE Hong Kong, the local chapter of this global non-profit organization which helps budding entrepreneurs through mentorship programs, education and investment.

    She joined Mettā in January 2016 as part of the founding team, where she is currently involved in creating a global network of innovators, investors and enablers, who work towards solving today’s most pressing problems and who design the world of tomorrow.

    Alice believes in the power of collaboration and communities, and that successful companies of the future will be built around purpose and sustainability.

  • Youssef El Kaddioui

    Innovation Partner

    Youssef is in his element when talking about business innovation and management. He has extensive founder and operational experience starting his career with Google, building his first hardware venture and then joining Web Summit where he managed the investor relations for events like Web Summit in Europe and RISE in Hong Kong. He then started The Bridge VC where he leverages his network of investors to help startups grow by providing them with access to the right capital and advice.

    Before joining Mettā, he spent 5 months backpacking in SEA to meet with the local startup eco-systems and learn all there is to know about them. Youssef is a savvy connector and innovator, curious about everything that’s out there.

  • Mark Collins

    Head of Operations

    Mark's role at Nest is to streamline and standardise our operations.

    His varied background and experience in environmental consultancy, venture capital, as a startup founder and most recently as the COO of an airline in Myanmar which he grew from a small air charter business to full airline carrier status, whilst witnessing the opening up of one of the worlds few remaining frontier markets sets him in good stead to lead our operations.

    Mark holds a BSc and MSc from the University of Southampton and is a Member of the Hong Kong Institute of Directors.

  • Chandni Motwani

    Head of Product

    Chandni is Head of Product at Mettā and is responsible for growing our online platforms. She is passionate about turning ideas into reality. Chandni uses her expertise in design thinking to empower teams to innovate.

    She joined the Mettā team with over 10 years of experience in technology and business development. Prior to Nest she worked on product consumer strategy for the Google Docs team in Mountain View, California. Chandni also worked as renewable energy consultant for 6 years at Booz Allen Hamilton, where she worked with corporates and government agencies to identify optimal energy solutions. Chandni has a strong background in social enterprise and startup development. She co-founded a social enterprise incubator, called Hatch International, in Washington, DC. Where she led the product development of small scale technologies for the poor and designed business models for multiple enterprises under the Hatch umbrella.

    Chandni loves to connect with inspired people who, like her, believe in life long learning. She is passionate about wellness and teaches/practices yoga, dance and nutritional therapy.

  • Shawn Alwani

    Senior Software Engineer

    Born in Hong Kong and of Indian descent, Shawn is a full-stack developer with project management experience at an international app development agency. These projects include web applications for venture-backed startups and mobile apps for large financial institutions. Prior to web development, Shawn worked as an investment banker for 3 years and ran his own e-commerce based startup in the food and beverage space in Hong Kong.

    Shawn holds a BSc in Business Administration from Carnegie Mellon University.

  • Charles Marie

    Design Executive

    Born in Senegal and brought up in France, Charles inherits his family’s passion to explore the world. Deep diving into new cultures and discovering exotic food is part of what drives him in life. With a degree in International Management and a Masters in International Business, his curious spirit brought him straight into the heart of Hong Kong.

    Charles has an affinity to thinking outside the box, using his unique skills to transform shapes and lines into beautiful graphic designs. His enthusiasm for startup and innovation led him to Nest, where he can experience a cross cultural environment and creative business ideas.

  • Charlotte Tsa

    Event Coordinator

    Charlotte started her journey with a degree in BA English at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. With a wandering mind, she explored her passion in writing through blogging, editorial, and journalism work. She found excitement in experiencing different cultures through her travels in Cambodia, Madrid, Prague, and Sri Lanka.

    With an affinity to experiencing new things, she finds herself joining Mettā as part of the events team. From connecting with clients, planning & executing events to video editing, and providing graphics work, she is in her element within the creativity and interconnectivity of Mettā.

  • Sui Yang Phang

    Managing Partner

    Sui’s goal at Nest is to help corporates to innovate. With a keen awareness that no two institutions are alike, he works with partners to understand their unique innovation objectives, and to design bespoke, results-orientated programmes to suit their needs.

    Prior to joining Nest, Sui spent 11 years with Citi Global Markets, first in Kuala Lumpur, and then Hong Kong. There, he helped clients to create tailored solutions in risk management and investments. Working with corporates, both large and small, financial institutions and sovereign wealth funds, Sui led deals that won industry recognition with multiple awards.

    A proud wine-geek and an avid traveller, Sui has developed a love for the complexities of history, identity and place. As a father of a young daughter, he has found these passions to be thoroughly useful.

  • Tony Verb


    Tony Verb is a marketer, innovator and entrepreneur. Originally from Hungary, he has spent the past ten years being involved in a range of projects in the technology, entertainment, cultural and social sectors. Prior to working at Nest, Tony was integral to several successful entertainment-focused companies in Hong Kong, notably Ticketflap and Clockenflap Music and Arts Festival. His creative industry experience and passion for culture and have helped him produce an array of unique events that inspire and resonate with the local community. In his spare time Tony heads up philanthropic projects and is currently working to produce a documentary about domestic helpers in Hong Kong. Tony has lived in six countries, working at international corporations including Unilever, McCann Erickson and Jack Morton Worldwide. With a masters degree in international relations, he is a specialist in the development of investment products and networks. He is now using these skills to expand and develop the global entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem with Nest. Tony is a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers community.

  • Minhaj Adil

    Associate Director, Africa

    Minhaj is based in Nest's Nairobi office and focuses on strategy, accelerator programs and venture capital investments across Africa. A banker in early retirement, he previously spent five years with UBS Investment Bank focusing on M&A and capital markets transactions in Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia and Mongolia. In his free time Minhaj enjoys listening to blues and classic rock music, exploring Nairobi's bustling nightlife, and suffering in silence at the nearest Crossfit Box.

  • Maurice Otieno

    General Manager, Nairobi

    Joined as program manager and is now responsible for developing the startup ecosystem in Kenya, Africa, Maurice is an entrepreneur inspired by innovative ideas and collaborative problem-solving.

    Prior to joining Mettā in Nairobi, Maurice worked for Strathmore Business School, Kenya as a program manager for the MBA Program. Maurice also has extensive experience in accounting at various companies across Kenya, including General Motors, FarmChem and Sameer Africa.

    Before his professional endeavour in accounting, Maurice was driven by his entrepreneurial passion, and love for nature and physical fitness to found Kampnoo Camping, a camping and hiking outfit company. Maurice holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Strathmore University, Kenya.

  • Esther Mwikali

    Head of Community and Operations, Nairobi

    Born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya, Esther is passionate about impact investment, entrepreneurship and innovation. Helping spur change in the Kenyan and regional ecosystem, one start-up at a time as the Community Manager at Mettā Nairobi.

    Taking advantage of her mad Math skills and her love for growing economies worldwide, she did a double major degree in Economics and Finance from Kenyatta University. Prior to working with Mettā, Esther spent two years heading up partnerships and programs in an international leading creative institute, the Africa Digital Media Institute. Her interest in investments also led her to working for a real-estate investment and advisory firm, Scion Real, helping raise funds for different organisations across the country. She has also briefly worked with the Government of Kenya for different ministries on a volunteer basis. Esther is currently the Youth Representative for Kenya under AfCoP- an initiative run and under AfDB (Africa Development Bank). Breathing and loving the entrepreneurial space, Esther is at the front championing for Mettā, the value for members and the ecosystem.

  • William Gertler

    Associate & Programmes Lead, Africa

    Prior to joining Nest, Will worked as an innovation consultant with the Office of the President of Ghana where he co-authored a report focused on enhancing small to medium-sized enterprise development in the country. Additionally, he has interned at the Danish think tank Justitia where he conducted research on free speech in multicultural Western societies. That summer, he also published an internal report detailing the statistical correlation between a country’s form of governance and its United Nations human rights recommendations. During his Junior summer, Will worked as an associate consultant for Investor Group Services (IGS). At IGS, he managed a team of researchers and conducted extensive quantitative and qualitative diligence on prospective private equity investments.

    Will has focused much of his academics on African entrepreneurship, development, and colonial history. In addition to completing his general education requirements, he has also taken classes in the focused fields of agriculture and renewable energy.

    Will's dream is to have his own successful startup - either in Africa or back home in Boston. He is passionate about entrepreneurship, fly fishing, squash, and food. Nothing is more important to him than his friends and family.

  • Solomon Muigai

    Events & Programmes Associate, Nairobi

    Based out of the Nairobi office, Solomon focuses on coordination of innovation programs, cohort alumni relations and leading one of the biggest and most consistent event series in the Nairobi Innovation Ecosystem called #WhatsNext.

    Prior to joining Nest, Solomon worked as data analyst for a US-based non-profit NGO where he was tasked with analyzing the sustainability and outreach programs. Additionally, he has served as a Go-To-Market Strategy Consultant for one of the most innovative companies in Africa (according to Fast Company Magazine).

    His interest in entrepreneurship, has also led him to start a content production company with the vision of helping startups and companies capture and communicate their story and offerings. He enjoys spending most of his free time out in the wild as a navigator for anyone passionate about extreme hiking.

  • Abel Kayakih

    Head of Content & Events, Nairobi

    On completing his MA in Arts Management and working at The Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge Abel made the move back to Kenya in 2013 after being away for 10 years. He has had over eight years of experience within the service industry from heading the private events at Capital Club East Africa’s first business club, running retail workshops for Starbucks to handling the production for a fashion house with tailors in Kibera.

    He has a great understanding of the overall contrast and similarities of cultures which has heightened his insight into human nature and has made his interpersonal skills far more effective.

    Abel joined the team in 2016 and has been overseeing our content initiatives both internal and across multiple platforms for Mettā Nairobi. In addition to that, he leads the events at the space, making sure we have meaningful, relevant and engaging content throughout the year.

    Fun fact - his first job was as a radio host straight out of high school and he hasn’t stopped chatting since.

  • Aidah Ng’ang'a

    Head of Business Development & Partnerships, Nairobi

    Aidah's career path has transversed through the accounting, hospitality and insurance industries. Growing up her love for math led her into accounting and finance, where she spent her better per part of the year munching and punching numbers. As it is well known one can never know their true calling without practice. she soon found her strength lies with interacting with people.

    This led her into a 360 degree career change to focus on ways she can utilize her innate strength of human interaction to help companies better engage with their customers. She then joined UAP old mutual group, one of the biggest insurance companies in Kenya where she focused on investments with retail affluent clients.

    Based out of the Metta Nairobi offfice, Aidah is now entirely focused on bringing in new partners that provide value to its members. This is through content based and strategic engagement. Aidah prides herself in replicating her mother's old age traditional African recipes to add one more smile in the world.

  • Daisy Chesang

    Operations & Programmes Lead, Nairobi

    My role at Mettā is to initiate and coordinate different programmes under the innovation and skills training of different entrepreneurs. I am currently leading the way on one of Metta's successful programmes called Fashion Product Lab (F.P.L.)

    Prior to joining Mettā, I was Digital Marketing Executive working on digital marketing strategies, research and analysis. I have acquired the google certificate courses for google analytics and google online sales certification. I also developed branding, planning and organization skills when I was working with Miss world Kenya for the programme launch in 2013. My previous experience in the public relation management, perfected my skills of public management with a focus on crisis management. My studies were focused on marketing and public relations but I also have extra skills in content creation and project management.

    On a more personal level, I love hiking, it keeps me sane. And my family is my gem.


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